The Runnymeade Homeowners Association (RHOA) is the homeowners association for the community of Runnymeade, a 346-unit townhome community located off South Van Dorn Street in Fairfax County, Virginia, USA. We are a community of well-constructed three- and four-level townhomes situated among mature trees, conveniently located along the Capital Beltway between two major Metro stations and two major shopping malls and in close proximity to many grocery stores, outstanding schools, fine restaurants, golf courses, and numerous other amenities.

We welcome you to our website. You will find up-to-the-minute information about this dynamic community. Explore the links to the left to see what Runnymeade has to offer you and your family. We appreciate feedback on how to improve this site. Thanks for visiting.

For fast response time, send all e-mail to RHOA-Board-Notification@googlegroups.com and all Board members and property management agent will receive a copy.

Driving Directions and Map to Runnymeade at Cameron Crossing.
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Since New Year's Day falls on a Sunday this year, there will be no interruption in trash and recycling pick up.

Christmas Tree Collection:
 Christmas trees will be collected by American Disposal on January 4th and January 11th. All tinsel and decorations should be removed. Please do not place trees in plastic bags.

The results are in!

Runnymeade held its 5th ANNUAL HOLIDAY HOMES DECORATING CONTEST and the decorations throughout the community were spectacular.   

​The following homes were judged to be:

MOST FESTIVE (Tie):       5922 Langton
                                     6166 Castletown Way 
                                     5921 Ambassador Way
MOST UNIQUE:               6162 Castletown Way
6045 Crown Royal Circle
MOST ELEGANT:             6016 Knights Ridge Way

Castletown Way once again was the winner of bragging rights for the "Brightest Street."  However, this year High Meadow Rd and Heatherwood Dr were close behind, as was Langton. This is based on % of participation and not on number of homes, so any street can win. Castletown has won the bragging rights for the last 5 years.

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks to everyone who participated in the Holiday Homes Decorating Contest this year.

It may seem like we are not over summer yet, but it is not too early to think about snow and RUNNYMEADE’S SNOW REMOVAL POLICY.  The Board has contracted with Premium, our landscaping and grounds contractor, to provide snow management/removal services for Runnymeade streets.  Generally, plowing will not commence unless and until snow accumulations reach approximately two (2) inches (as determined by reports from Reagan National Airport), or conditions and weather forecasts warrant (i.e. accumulated frozen precipitation that is expected to freeze/remain frozen for an extended period of time). The RHOA Resolutions provide that residents must ensure that their motor vehicles are not parked in such a way as to hinder proper snow plowing by our contractor. All residents are responsible for clearing the sidewalks on their property, the sidewalks bordering their property, and their driveways and parking spaces.  When removing snow from your sidewalks and parking spaces, please be considerate of your neighbors and DO NOT put the snow out into the streets (or in front of your neighbor’s car). 
Runnymeade has a Snow Angels program.  If you or a neighbor you know needs assistance with snow removal, please contact Pat Mahoney at p-aileen-m@msn.com and she will match the persons who need assistance with willing and able Runnymeade volunteers.  If you are willing and able to volunteer, please let Pat know.  It will be best if we start planning now so that we are all set if and when the snow comes.

Do you have an issue or question for the Board?  For fast response time, send an e-mail to RHOA-Board-Notification@googlegroups.com and all Board members, along with the property management agent, will receive it simultaneously.​ 

RUNNYMEADE ROOFS --  Most of Runnymeade's roofs were replaced more than 20 years ago and may need replacing now.  Please remember and factor into your planning that replacement of your roof is a major exterior modification requiring that an Application for Exterior Modification be submitted to the ACC and approved by the ACC prior to any construction.

FURRY RESIDENTS -- a number of homeowners have discovered unwelcome furry residents overhead and in their walls.  Squirrels have discovered our townhouses.  They may get in through holes in your roof or even through holes in the wall between your house and your next door neighbor's. It is strongly suggested that you keep the trees on your property trimmed to keep the squirrels away from your house, look closely at your roof and sides of your house for areas that appear to have separated from the roof or sides of your house, and listen carefully for suspicious noises. 

RUNNYMEADE DECKS -- The Runnymeade Board has clarified and harmonized positions on whether composite materials may be used on decks.  At its September 22 meeting, the RHOA Board adopted a revised policy that can be found on the ACC Info page on this site.

ACC REMINDER: Are you planning to paint and/or to make any exterior modifications to your home? Please see the "ACC Info" page on this site. If you would like to reach all ACC members at once, using only one, easy-to-remember email address, send your email to rhoa-acc@googlegroups.com and it will go directly to all members of the ACC without you having to look up their names and email addresses. If you have any ACC questions or concerns, please contact the ACC directly, using the ACC email address, or contact Runnymeade's Property Manager, Jeff Turner, at jeff@jeffreycharles.com

RUNNYMEADE ON FACEBOOK: Our Runnymeade Facebook Group is growing. We are now up to 260 members! If you are a Facebook member but have not yet joined our closed group, you should consider doing so. It is an active group where timely and useful information is regularly exchanged. Search for the group on Facebook by name: Runnymeade Homeowners Association.   Note: This is a closed group for Runnymeade homeowners and residents. If you would like to join, please make sure your request reflects your connection to Runnymeade. If it is not apparent from your request or your Facebook page/profile, your request may not be granted.

We now have a group photo on our Facebook Group page.  It is a photo collage of scenes from Runnymeade events and activities over the last 6-7 years.  If you have photos you would like to be included for future group photos and collages, please send them to Pat Mahoney at p-aileen-m@msn.com.  Here is the first collage:

Calendar of Events

Runnymeade Homeowners Association Board Meeting

The next RHOA Board meeting will be held Tuesday, January 24, 2017, at 7:00 pm at the Franconia Government Center, 6121 Franconia Rd.,  Alexandria, VA 22310, in the community room.  The RHOA Board of Directors and interested homeowners generally meet on the 4th Tuesday of every month with the exception of December. The Board has to schedule its monthly meetings around the availability of meeting sites, so dates and locations are sometimes changed for that reason. Residents are advised to check this website for updates as changes can be made at the last minute that are beyond our control. Also, schedule changes are e-mailed to residents who sign up for the RHOA-Web-Site-News notifications.

The next ACC meeting . . .

The ACC has to schedule its monthly meetings around the availability of meeting sites; so dates, times, and locations are often changed for that reason. Residents are advised to check the Community Sign and this website for updates, as changes are often made at the last minute that are beyond the ACC's control. Also, schedule changes are e-mailed to residents who sign up for the RHOA-Web-Site-News notifications on the home page of Runnymeade.org.  For the location and time of the next meeting, you can also always call Jeffrey Charles & Associates at 703-924-5900.

Grounds Committee News. . .





5 Ways Trees Help Us Everyday:

  1. Trees located along streets act as glare and reflection control
  2. Trees cut down on noise pollution by acting as sound barriers
  3. Trees provide shade, reducing yearly heating & cooling costs by nearly $2.1 Billion
  4. In 1 year, an acre of trees can absorb as much carbon dioxide as produced by a car driven up to 8700 miles...that is more miles than it would take to drive around the world.
  5. Trees improve water quality by slowing and filtering rainwater.



Protect Our Water

When it rains, the water running along our streets vanishes down storm drains in Runnymeade. Although many people assume otherwise, the water in a storm drain does not go to a wastewater treatment plant. Instead, it drains directly into Cameron Run, which leads to the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay.

This means motor oil, pesticides, paint, yard debris, harmful fertilizers, and trash all have the potential to impact our drinking water, as well as impair or destroy many forms of aquatic life.

Fortunately, there are some steps we can all take to make a difference:


·         Storm drains are NOT trash cans! Put trash and recycling where it belongs, not in our streams.

·         Properly dispose of motor oil — one gallon of oil can pollute two million gallons of water

·         Don’t let suds from washing your car go down the storm drain – they can be toxic to wildlife.

·         Scoop the poop. Help keep harmful bacteria from dog waste out of our waterways.

·         Be careful with fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides. Use only when necessary, apply when rain will not wash them away, and sweep up excess.

·         Prevent and report storm drain dumping. If you see hazardous wastes like paint, pesticides, or motor oil dumped in storm drains, report it to Fairfax County at 703-691-2131, TTY 711.

Only Rain in the Storm Drain! Make sure that nothing other than water ever goes down your storm drain. Help keep water safe for children and future generations.

Northern Virginia Soil & Water Conservation District

(703) 324-1423, TTY 711 http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/nvswcd




Fairfax County offers free document shredding of personal (not business) documents at various locations throughout the year. Here’s a link for the secure shredding:


Fairfax County also has a recycling program called "Electric Sunday" to help residents dispose of old electronics. For more information, here’s the link for Fairfax County’s Electric Sunday monthly electronic recycling:




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