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The Runnymeade Homeowners Association (RHOA) is the homeowners association for the community of Runnymeade, a 346-unit townhome community located off South Van Dorn Street in Fairfax County, Virginia, USA. We are a community of well-constructed three- and four-level townhomes situated among mature trees, conveniently located along the Capital Beltway between two major Metro stations and two major shopping malls and in close proximity to many grocery stores, outstanding schools, fine restaurants, golf courses, and numerous other amenities.

We welcome you to our website. You will find up-to-the-minute information about this dynamic community. Explore the links to the left to see what Runnymeade has to offer you and your family. We appreciate feedback on how to improve this site. Thanks for visiting.

For fast response time, send all e-mail to and all Board members and property management agent will receive a copy.

Driving Directions and Map to Runnymeade at Cameron Crossing.
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TRASH ON LABOR DAY:  This is a reminder that garbage collection service will be provided as usual this Monday, Labor Day. American Disposal (ADS), our trash contractor, asks that you put your items curbside the night before to ensure collection. Our experience has been that trash collection is usually early in the morning on holidays like Labor Day. The ADS customer service center will be closed on Monday.


LOCK YOUR DOORS!  In the very early hours of Thursday, August 28, several cars were entered on at least Castletown, High Meadow, and Langton.  Several police officers were on site.  They reported that, while many cars were rummaged, the thieves only got into cars that were not locked.  Officers advised that the only way to prevent this from happening is by being vigilant about locking cars and homes.  Police believe thieves come to our neighborhood because they know people aren't locking their cars, we are right off the Beltway, AND we are a good neighborhood.  On trash/garbage day we frequently have scavengers driving around in the early morning looking for stuff being discarded.  It's sad but if your doors are unlocked and you have stuff in plain sight, it's apparently irresistible to some people.

If everyone is consistently locking cars and homes, thieves should stop targeting our community. So again, don't leave your car doors unlocked

Also be alert this Labor Day weekend. In the past we have had acts of vandalism (egging, etc) on Labor Day weekend.


AT LAST:   We are about to enter into an agreement to repair and repaint curbs and restripe/repaint parking spaces. We intend this work is to be completed in the next six weeks, and we will be sending out more formal communications to all owners and residents.

But in the meantime it would help the Board and management greatly if you would let them know of any problems you see, especially with the curbs. Some residents have already pointed out crumbling and damaged curbs on Heatherwood and line problems including faded lines and multiple conflicting lines on Castletown and Heatherwood.

Don't assume the Board or management knows about the problem unless you already reported or posted it. Even then, the Board does not mind receiving multiple reminders.

Also, please be sure to read any communications you receive from Runnymeade or JCA in the mail or hand delivered.


NATIONAL NIGHT OUT: Thank you to everyone who came out August 5 to participate in Runnymeade's National Night Out. What a fantastic turnout!  We had over 120 attendees.  Thank you to everyone who brought food, drinks, tables, and chairs. Thanks, too, to those who came early to help set up and those who stayed late to help clean up.

Special thanks to:  Pat Stimets, the Runnymeade National Night Out Coordinator; Michael Powell, our official National Night Out Photographer; Abbie Staruk Rashbaum, our Official Runnymeade Master Baker, who produced about 100 cupcakes and supervised the cupcake decorating activity, together with her Assistant, husband Benjamin, who is also a Steward of the Runnymeade Community Library; new owner Brian Kirby, who ran the widely popular First Annual Runnymeade Water Balloon Toss Contest; and all Runnymeade Board Members and Officers who were involved in the organization and planning as well as in activities during the event, including President Pat Mahoney, who coordinated new activities, tables, and setup; Mary Ann Dougherty, our Treasurer, who gave tennis lessons to kids and organized other kids' games; Board Member Eric Vicks, who supervised the art activities; Vice President and Board Member Scott Sharp, who manned the Neighborhood Watch table, and new Board Members Julie Porcelli and Tim Wood, who pitched in and helped in the organization, setup, and cleanup.


CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME TO NEW BOARD MEMBERS: At the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Runnymeade Homeowners Association (RHOA) on June 26, two new Board Members were elected: Julie Porcelli of Heatherwood Court and Timothy Wood of Castletown Way. They join Eric Vicks, Pat Mahoney, and Scott Sharp, who continue on the Board. Welcome to Julie and Tim! 

SPECIAL THANKS TO RETIRING BOARD MEMBERS: Natasha Ofosu and Nour Nourey deserve our Special Thanks for their service to Runnymeade over the last three years and even prior to that. They will be missed.

THE JULY MEETING OF THE RHOA BOARD OF DIRECTORS was held Tuesday, July 22. At this meeting the Board elected the following officers for the 2014-15 term: President, Pat Mahoney; Vice President, Scott Sharp; Treasurer, Mary Ann Dougherty, and Secretary, Julie Porcelli. Congratulations to you all, and thank you to retiring officers Natasha
Ofosu (Vice President) and Eric Vicks (Secretary). Eric continues on the Board as a Director.

COMMITTEE NEWS:  Effective September 1, Eric Vicks becomes Chair of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), and Julie Porcelli becomes Chair of Grounds. At its August meeting, the Board appointed Board Member Tim Wood as the newest member of the ACC.

RECYCLING: Back in November, we mailed Runnymeade's Trash and Recycling Guidelines to all homeowners, together with a brochure titled Think Before You Throw, on the "do's and don'ts" of Recycling, from American Disposal (ADS), our trash and recycling contractor. We also have Think Before You Throw magnets available for free to any resident who wants one. If you would like a copy of the Guidelines and/or one of the magnets, please contact Sarinda Ly, at ADS recently focused on items that contaminate the recycling stream and should not be placed into recycling bins. You can see this in the ADS Think Before You Throw March E-Newsletter: Contaminants in the Recycling Stream .

ACC REMINDER: Are you planning to paint and/or to make any exterior modifications to your home? Please see the "ACC Info" page on this site. If you would like to reach all ACC members at once, using only one, easy-to-remember email address, send your email to and it will go directly to all members of the ACC without you having to look up their names and email addresses. If you have any ACC questions or concerns, please contact the ACC directly, using the ACC email address, or contact Runnymeade's Property Manager, Jeff Turner, at

RUNNYMEADE ON FACEBOOK: Our Runnymeade Facebook Group is growing. We are now up to 145 members! If you are a Facebook member but have not yet joined our closed group, you should consider doing so. It is an active group where timely and useful information is regularly exchanged. Search for the group on Facebook by name: Runnymeade Homeowners Association. 

Note:  This is a closed group for Runnymeade homeowners and residents. If you would like to join, please make sure your request reflects your connection to Runnymeade. If it is not apparent from your request or your Facebook page/profile, your request may not be granted.


Calendar of Events

Runnymeade Homeowners Association Board Meeting

The August RHOA Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 26, at 7:00 pm at the Franconia Governmental Center.

The RHOA Board of Directors and interested homeowners generally meet on the 4th Tuesday of every month with the exception of December. The Board has to schedule its monthly meetings around the availability of meeting sites, so dates and locations are sometimes changed for that reason. Residents are advised to check this website for updates as changes can be made at the last minute that are beyond our control. Also, schedule changes are e-mailed to residents who sign up for the RHOA-Web-Site-News notifications.


The next ACC meeting . . .
The Runnymeade Architectural Control Committee (ACC) normally meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm. at the offices of Jeffrey Charles & Associates, 6422 Grovedale Dr., Suite 201-C, Alexandria, VA 22310, in the upstairs conference room.  

The ACC has to schedule its monthly meetings around the availability of meeting sites; so dates, times, and locations are often changed for that reason. Residents are advised to check the Community Sign and this website for updates, as changes are often made at the last minute that are beyond the ACC's control. Also, schedule changes are e-mailed to residents who sign up for the RHOA-Web-Site-News notifications on the home page of  For the location and time of the next meeting, you can also always call Jeffrey Charles & Associates at 703-924-5900.

Grounds Committee News. . .

Did you know that the RHOA provides free mowing of your front lawn by Premium Lawn and Landscape, our grounds contractor?

  The service is for front lawns only, and you must request it (or if you no longer want the service, you must decline it). To check to see if you are signed up for the service, call our management company, Jeffrey Charles & Associates, at 703-924-5900.

Have you ever wanted a handy list of what you should and should not put out to be recycled?

American Disposal, our trash contractor, has just prepared a colorful flyer that you can post on your refrigerator or kitchen bulletin board. To get a copy, just click here:

Protect Our Water

When it rains, the water running along our streets vanishes down storm drains in Runnymeade. Although many people assume otherwise, the water in a storm drain does not go to a wastewater treatment plant. Instead, it drains
directly into Cameron Run, which leads to the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay.

This means motor oil, pesticides, paint, yard debris, harmful fertilizers, and trash all have the potential to impact our drinking water, as well as impair or destroy many forms of aquatic life.

Fortunately, there are some steps we can all take to make a difference:


·         Storm drains are NOT trash cans! Put trash and recycling where it belongs, not in our streams.

·         Properly dispose of motor oil — one gallon of oil can pollute two million gallons of water

·         Don’t let suds from washing your car go down the storm drain – they can be toxic to wildlife.

·         Scoop the poop. Help keep harmful bacteria from dog waste out of our waterways.

·         Be careful with fertilizer, pesticides, and herbicides. Use only when necessary, apply when rain will not wash them away, and sweep up excess.

·         Prevent and report storm drain dumping. If you see hazardous wastes like paint, pesticides, or motor oil dumped in storm drains, report it to Fairfax County at 703-691-2131, TTY 711.

Only Rain in the Storm Drain! Make sure that nothing other than water ever goes down your storm drain. Help keep water safe for children and future generations.

Northern Virginia Soil & Water Conservation District

(703) 324-1423, TTY 711




Fairfax County offers free document shredding of personal (not business) documents at various locations throughout the year. Here’s a link for the secure shredding:

Fairfax County also has a recycling program called "Electric Sunday" to help residents dispose of old electronics. For more information, here’s the link for Fairfax County’s Electric Sunday monthly electronic recycling:

The service is for front lawns only, and you must request it (or if you no longer want the service, you must decline it). You do not need to do this every year. You only need to do it to start or stop the service. The form you need to use is available by clicking here:


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